Need reference artwork?

If you would like to commission a fursuit from Hybrid Studios we first need some concept artwork of what your character looks like! The best way to provide this is with a reference sheet of your character - the more accurate the better!


 Where can I get a reference sheet from?

Auction sites

A lot of artists will do commissions for reference sheets, a good place to look is on Furbuy or Furbid. 


 Recently some artists have been kind enough to draw freebie reference templates - these are ideal for characters who do not require a lot of custom details and are very basic, usually consisting of just one pose but these can be a good building block for those wishing to commission custom artwork and are having difficulty explaining some details of their characters. These are constantly being added and updated and feature many types of species such as felines, canines and foxes. There is a very good list of blank free templates on the FurNation forums.

Custom Artwork

Custom artwork is ideal for showing the personal details of your character and is usually the best choice whehn it comes to commissioning a fursuit- some sheets can be very simple while others can be very complex. We recommend a simple 3 pose sheet (front, side and back) for most characters, more complex characters may require a more in depth sheet in order to show all the details needed.


Artists recommended by us!

Wildlion has been drawing furry art since June 2010 but has an experienced background in art and design and works professionally as an artist. Reference sheets are a standard $25 and include a front, back and side view, as well as two detail shots and a colour palette. Be sure to mention you are commissioning for a fursuit from Hybrid Studios if you contact them!

Jess Lyra is a friendly, Co-operative, enthusiastic British furry artist who has done a wide variety of species and art types. She started working on furry art in 2008, her art has improved amazingly since the start and has her own distinct style. Reference Sheets start from £35/$55, which are detailed and cover a vast amount of the fursona's design. Good artist to work with for new fursona designs, can work from the most basic pictures or description. Her specialties are; Big cats, kangaroos, dragons, gryphons and equines.

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  • "I am very pleased with the fullsuit I commissioned from Shirik. It is great quality and is a joy to wear. The digitigrade padding looks amazing and is really easy to put in and..."
    Alex B
    Neo Fox Fullsuit Owner
  • "Commissioned Shirik for a Partial Bunny Suit I absolutely love her, she's so comfy to wear and she is very well made. Worth every penny and more! :D"
  • "I got my Kraken D'Orca suit from Shirik who was very polite and provided impeccable service, the suit fits and feels great, even went out of her way to make sure I had it for Eu..."
    Kraken D'Waggin
    Partial Fursuit Customer

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